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This Weeks Top Video

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This week's "Top Video"Hilarious Cat Thinks He is a Dog

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Grier Holliday's New E-Book New E-Book "An Inspired Tale-Adventures and Healing with Man's Best Friend"

An Inspired Tail-Adventures and Healing with Man’s Best Friend is my way of sharing with you and anyone who has had the love & assistance of dogs in their life. My dogs have helped me get through very difficult times by loving me no matter what circumstance we were in at the time. Many tear jerking with joy miracles take place that have to be shared so you too can be inspired like I was.

This photo illustrated book will take you through adventures with man’s best friend over an eleven year time frame. The true life tales begin in New Orleans, with stops in Pensacola, storm ravaged Galveston/Houston, Texas, throughout Florida and the southeast then all the way to Central America in Panama City, Panama and safely touching back down in the USA. Read More

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